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Search Terms Used Online

All Searches - Search Terms used online

What are people searching for online?

Have you ever wondered what the most popular search terms are online? Do you want to know just how many people are searching for a particular word or phrase? Would you just like to see what people are searching for right now!?

Popular Search Terms
Find out what's popular online with these sites:

Search Term Popularity
Enter a search term and find out just how many people have searched for it over a period of time.

  • Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool - Enter a search term and find out just how many times it's been searched for at Overture during the last month. (Note: All search terms are displayed in singular form - e.g. birds becomes bird).
  • Wordtracker - A free trial allows you to enter a search term, find all relating search terms, and how many times each term is searched for in 24 hours at AltaVista. A paid version allows you to access information on many other Search Engines including Google.

Search Engine Spying
Find out what people are searching for right at this instant with the sites listed below:

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What are people searching for online?

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