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All Searches - Get listed in the search engines

How to get your site listed in the search engines

You've built a site, and now you want people to find you. There really is no better way of doing that than a listing in the search engines and directories. Here we cover the ins and outs of getting your site listed in the most important places online.

Be sure your site is ready.

Before even considering having your site listed anywhere online, be sure it is ready. Make sure there are no "under construction" notices, and ensure that all your links work.

If you are looking for high results in search engines, you may also want to look towards structuring your site correctly. Plenty of up to date and relevant information on this can be found at the search engine forums at Webmaster World.

Free Search Engines - Listing Your Site

If you are looking to have your site listed in the free search engines such as Google, and Fast - AllTheWeb, you really don't need to do anything. All you need is one link coming into your site, from a site already listed in their database, and they will find you themselves. Submitting your site is really just a waste of time.

Directories - Listing Your Site

Directories are human edited listings of sites. As such, your site needs to pass editorial review before being accepted into a directory. The best way to get your site listed is to read each of the directories rules and criteria regarding the submission of sites. If your site does not meet their criteria, don't bother submitting until your site is ready.

Some sites also require payment now in certain categories. Yahoo and LookSmart will fast track reviewing your site by taking advantage of their paid submission process.

Free directories such as DMOZ are different again. As they rely upon volunteer editors, the submission process can take hours, days, months, or longer depending on the editor for your category, or whether or not your category has an editor at all.

In short, visit the directory you want to list your site in, read all of their rules regarding submission, ensure your site meets their criteria, then submit your site using their submission form. As an added note, do not resubmit your site for inclusion if you do not hear anything, or receive a listing straight away. Give it a bit of time before resubmitting your site, and be sure to recheck that your site meets their criteria before you do.

Pay for Spidering Search Engines - Listing Your Site

Some search engines now offer a pay for spidering option. Essentially the search engine will revisit your site every few days, and keep your site listings in their database up to date. This can fast track your inclusion in their search engine, and allows you to test your site layout continuously in an endeavor to improve your rankings.

Current search engines offering this option include AltaVista and Inktomi - which feeds a number of other searches online. To have your site listed in these search engines, visit their sites and follow the instructions.
Pay Per Click Search Engines

These searches allow you to bid on search results, with the highest bid per click through receiving the highest placement in the results. Popular pay per click search engines include Overture and FindWhat.

This can be a very competitive environment and should be looked into carefully before considering. Be sure you establish just how much you can afford to spend per visitor before placing a bid. You may also want to look into the use of more niche terms on the products/services you are offering, rather than targeting the major search terms. Quite often the niche terms will convert a lot better and will cost a lot less.

To submit your site to the pay per click searches, visit their site and follow the instructions.

Submission Services

You may have noticed I left this option till last, and with good reason. I have never used them, and never plan on using them, meaning I have little to no knowledge of this area. I feel that something as important as submitting your site to the search engines should be done by yourself, so that all care is taken.

If however you are inclined to trust a third party with your site submissions, you'll find plenty of companies offering these services at Yahoo!.


Search engines and directories can provide a steady flow of traffic to your site, and it's well worth taking the time to get your site listed. Good luck with your endeavors.

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How to get your site listed in the Search Engines


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